Q What if I live interstate, or a rural area of Australia, can you still deliver these towels to me.

Yes. We deliver Australia wide, and even overseas. We have interstate transport companies that offer the most competitive rates, and will ensure to have your towels to you in the quickest turnaround time possible.

Q Where are your products distributed from

Depending on delivery address, our products are distributed from North Queensland and Melbourne saving you time and delivery costs.

Q Is there really no minimum order requirement needed.

Yes, that is correct. You can order 10 towels or 10,000 of our towels if you like. Towels are currently in stock, and there is no waiting time.

Q What if I require my own logo/branding

We have two options here. First option is to have your design/logo printing onto the actual packet of the towels. There is a minimum order requirement for this option and a 2 month waiting period, from date of approved design (please call or email to discuss), and for smaller quantities we have another option of printing your logo/design on a full colour gloss sticker, which can then be stuck on the packaging of the towel.

Q How can your refresher towels be refrigerated or heated

Towels can be placed in the refrigerator, freezer (few hours) or on ice prior to serving, and for heating open pack and place in the microwave for 15 seconds, or place towel in a towel warmer.

Q What is the expiry of these towels

As long as the towels are stored in a cool dry place, the expiry is 1 year.

Q How do I place an order

For your convenience, we will be pleased to receive your order by phone, email or fax

Q Once I have ordered, when will I receive my towels

Once your order is placed, we will process within 1-2 days, and you should receive the towels within 3 - 7 working days(except rural Australia, North Queensland & Melbourne).

Q What payment methods do you accept

We accept direct deposit, or cheque