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Butterfly Hot and Cold towels are perfect for the needs of travelers. They can be used for tours, airlines, bus lines, train lines & shipping lines. Your customers will truly enjoy the towels: not only are they highly convenient, they work! Travelers are left with a clean refreshing smell, even on those long overnight trips.

Hotels, Motels, Resorts

Butterfly Hot and Cold towels will impress your guests and create loyalty. There are many uses for the towels within the hotel/motel/resort complex. They can be used in the guest rooms, poolside, conference rooms, spa/beauty treatments and mini-bars. Guests will be left cleansed, moisturised and a refreshed feeling time and time again

Dental Practice

Butterfly Hot and Cold Towels is one of the easiest ways for every dental practice to differentiate itself from their local completion. Towels can be given to your patients in the treatment room, at the end of each appointment.

Beauty Salons, Massage Centres, Wellness Centres, Solariums

Soft, luxurious Butterfly Hot and Cold towels will compliment your beauty and skin care services. Towels can be used during & post treatments, guests lounge and wash room vanities, and staff can use the towels cleanse and refresh themselves before seeing their next client.

Sports, Sporting Centres and Teams

Your members and guests will be impressed by the convenience of Butterfly Hot and Cold towels. Whether it's outdoor or indoor sports. before the game, half time, after the game, training, working out at the gym, aerobic classes, cricket, soccer, netball, basketball, football, squash tennis, etc, your members/athletes will smell great and feel fantastic after using our towels.

Fitness Centres/Gyms

Butterfly Hot and Cold towels want to introduce our products to your fitness centre. Our towels not only are hygienically clean but they also have a lovely refreshing scent to it leaving the users refreshed. Also our towels ensure that your machines are kept sweat free for the next person using it.


Your customers will be extremely pleased as soon as you hand them a Butterfly Hot and Cold towel. Whether you give your customers the towel before a meal so they can refresh themselves, during the meal or after the meal, so once they have left your premises not only are they satisfied with the meal, but are also completely satisfied with the service.


Your staff will benefit greatly using Butterfly Hot and Cold towels, as they can clean themselves and be kept refreshed whilst on the job. Staff will also find the towels useful on those hot, scorching days. The towels can be refrigerated before use, for a cool, fresh feeling that will invigorate the soul and alert the mind.

Meetings, Conference

Use Butterfly Hot and Cold towels to freshen up before that big meeting or to freshen up guests at the conference before, during or after the event.


Butterfly Hot and Cold towels will impress your guests and create loyalty. Towels can be used by guests as they arrive at the reception, before, during or after a meal. Often, messy foods are accompanied with finger bowls can create a messy look. The towels are convenient and require no cleaning up afterwards.


Your logo on Butterfly Hot and Cold towels is a perfect way to promote your services. Promotional products are an imperative aspect for all business to ensure that their service is not forgotten. What is your business doing to ensure your not forgotten?