The Wet Towel: Not Just For 5 Star Establishments

The Wet Towel: Not Just For 5 Star Establishments


Ever since the trend of the wet towel has hit the Western world, they are used in many different ways than just for meals. Not only are they used in health and beauty establishments but also in places such as airlines and now smaller companies are getting their hands on this trend too.

The distribution of wet towels has become the standard in first class for many flight companies worldwide. As well as being served with meals, they may be served throughout the flight and prior to landing unless it is a short flight. The towels are usually served hot, but can be served chilled depending on the temperature in the cabin and climate of where you are flying from/to. Rather than just being for the hands and face at mealtimes, they may also be used to clean areas other than just the face and hands such as one’s forehead and back of neck. This is because the additional use to clean off travel sweat, leaving the user feeling a little more refreshed.

As the wet towel has become more popular, disposable versions have been introduced in more recent years. These often low cost, individually packaged towels have gained popularity and are more easily accessible to smaller companies, and are no longer just reserved for the fist clast passengers, fine dining customers or 5 star establishments. They usually come either unscented, or in a variety of fragrances. The packaged towels are preserved with subtle skin friendly ingredients like aloe essence and vitamin E.  This means anyone, anywhere, anytime, can enjoy the benefits of a wet towel.

The use of a wet towel is a low cost and an effective method.  It will help make your business more professional and give the added touch.  It can set even the smallest of businesses apart from the rest, giving your business that one extra step above the competition. A simple wet towel can make your customers feel like they are really flying first class.




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