The Use of a Hot Towel

The Use of a Hot Towel


The hot towel, you may have heard of them or even seen or used them at some point at places such as salons, spas, restaurants, therapists and other establishments. But why? What are the benefits of using these hot towels?

Hot towels are a great, healthy way to make a better you. A towel isn’t just used for cleaning your fingers or drying something off; they have an array of benefits associated with them if you utilise them correctly.

In beauty salons and spas, hot towels are used quite frequently. They are often applied before a facial to open pores and relax the face. This helps face masks and scrubs to go deeper and really clean away all the hidden oils and dirt, revitalising yourself. The barber shop is also a place that a hot towel is very useful. Hot towels are known to be used prior to a gentleman being shaved, in order to soften the hair and allow the shave to be clean and close cut. Both applications causing the user to feel fresh and relaxed afterwards.

Yet these aren’t the only uses for the hot towel. They can also be used to ease sore muscles and any other cramp or pain without the excessive use of expensive rubs or medicines. Applying the towel to the stomach in times of discomfort can aid in relieving pain from gas and pressure, relaxing the working muscles. It not only helps with stomach cramps and pains but any sort you may experience.  Shoulders, back, leg and arm pains can be aided with the simple application of a hot towel. You may have seen your physical therapist use this method, so what is stopping you from taking this low cost and easy step at home or in your establishment?

Using a hot towel is easy, you can warm it up in the microwave or use a towel warmer.  Then all you need is time to sit back, relax and be still as you enjoy a relaxing hot towel.




The Use of a Hot Towel

The hot towel, you may have heard of them or even seen or used them

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