Hot Towels in Your Dental Practice

Hot Towels in Your Dental Practice


Hot towels can be used in practices that you wouldn’t even imagine they could be used in. One such practice is a dental clinic. So how can a hot towel at the end of an appointment possibly make a difference in dental practices? The hot towel can be a wonderful way to conclude the uncomfortable and for some, traumatizing experience at the dentist. As many can tell you, going to the dentist is scary, but at the end being rewarded with a warm, comfortable towel can really make the difference between a bad experience and a good one. Setting your dental practice apart from the competition.

Towards the conclusion of the treatment, quickly warming up a towel in the microwave for fifteen seconds and offering it to the patient can be very pleasant. After the patient has washed their mouth, opening the now warm towel from its packaging and offering is much more inviting than a bland paper towel that is commonly used at other practices.

You may be thinking this all sounds quite costly, but we can assure you it is very low cost and effective. A small inexpensive microwave from the local discount retailer can cost approximately $60, which is all you really need to achieve the desired result. Individually wrapped and sealed, wet towels can be bought very cheaply and can be ordered at any quantities.

Patients have stated things such as “It’s like flying first-class,” and “It’s like being in a restaurant,” which really go to show that the hot towel has truly made an impact on their dental experience.




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